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Creating a New Experience for Dubbing

With locations in Mexico and Brazil and as part of the Artworks Entertainment Group, Artworks Digital Studio (ADS) is one of the most experienced and complete postproduction houses in Latin America.

Along with the finest talent, facilities and up-to-date with the latest technologies, ADS provides exceptional video and sound production solutions for creators with a global mindset.

Our mission, to create entertainment for the world.




Creating unique stories that speak many languages

ADS was established to meet the dubbing needs into neutral Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, required by distributors and producers of film and television material.

With a first level infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology to develop the entire technical process, from recording to post-production, we deliver productions with the highest quality results.



Where ideas acquire voice and character of their own

With a team with more than 20 years of experience and access to diverse talent, ADS has developed great sensitivity in delivering dubbing and subtitling of the highest standards. From the translation, to the recording session of the artistic talent, each step is carried out with great care and dedication.


Understanding that each project is unique, we make sure to deliver memorable experiences that cater to everyone.




A suite of services that blend and create unique stories.


It is said that good dubbing should always go unnoticed, and we couldn’t agree more. The correct selection of the voice talent and audio mix are vital to the success of dubbed content in the local markets. Whether this includes celebrity or legendary voice talent, ADS combines the human factor with cutting edge technology to ensure that each project is perfectly translated, dubbed and mixed.


Subtitling is not a process that is as simple as just translating the words that we hear on the screen. A good subtitle will always capture and convey the true essence of the emotions as they were intended. By meticulously choosing the right words and balancing the timing, we create the perfect meaning.


ADS is also equipped with the manpower and facilities for music production and localization, performing full arrangement recordings with a diverse team of musicians that range from erudite maestros to rock'n'roll virtuosos recorded on the newest technologies of phonographic production hybridized with vintage gear in order to achieve the best results available in the market, all the while directed by Grammy® nominated producers and engineers.


We deliver the highest quality content and carefully consider your delivery date needs. By combining our abilities as producers and creators, we ensure that each version that leaves our studio includes the perfect synchronization, aligned with the right localized graphics, inserts, audio, and subtitles.

We are also experts in bringing treasures from the past into the modern times by restoring and converting outdated formats into the digital era under the supervision of a team with a high skill set and sharp eye for details.


A suite of services that blend and create unique stories.



| Mexico City

With its headquarters in Mexico City and a network of several studios nationwide, ADS is honored to work alongside a dedicated network of Star and Legendary Voice Talent that has built a ubiquitous name for itself.

ADS Mexico is the gateway into Latin America. Here, alongside top talent and though its picture and sound editing facilities, ADS delivers a true experience.

| Rio de Janeiro

The wonderful city has been a beacon for all things "Brazil" in the past decades, and it also reflects on the traditional dubbing community, which once represented 80% of the national market's productivity.


A star filled voice cast is available at ADS' installations, which work in consonance with its São Paulo's counterpart.

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